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  • How Important is a Good First Impression with a Loan Officer?

  • If you’re thinking of applying to a bank directly, the chances are that you’ll be keen to maximise your chances of being approved for a mortgage – especially if you don’t want to take on services like those offered right here at Tundra Mortgages. If you’ve already compared loans, reviewed different interest rates and spoken with a host of potential lenders about their terms and conditions, the next step will be to schedule a meeting with a loans officer.

    This can be one of the most challenging processes and although we take care of this event on behalf of our clients; those of you that want to go it alone will need to do so themselves.

    What can you expect?

    Well, the first piece of advice that we’d give you is to ensure that you approach the meeting in much the same way as you would a job interview. Your loans officer will want to get to know a little more about you as an applicant, as well as your financial status, earning potential and other important factors.

    We deal with a lot of these officers and know exactly what they’re looking for – and if your meeting isn’t quite up to the standards that they expect, you could find yourself facing a rejection notice in a matter of days. So, what should you do before you meet with an officer?

    Prepare your documentation

    If you have proof of your earnings (including accounting notes and projections for the next couple of years), be sure to take the physical evidence with you. Your officer will want to see this data, as they will use much of it to calculate your borrowing potential. If it’s not properly prepared you could delay your application, or have it rejected due to a lack of information.

    Dress as you would for a professional event

    If you have a smart suit or a professional-looking dress, be sure to make use of them for your meeting. First impressions really count and your loan advisor will be far more likely to take you seriously if you avoid wearing slippers, sandals, or a track-suit. This goes back to our point about preparing for a situation similar to a job interview.

    Don’t overlook your attitude and approach to the meeting

    If you’re keen to ask questions and make enquiries about payments and other important factors, then your meeting will be the ideal time to do so. But don’t forget to bear in mind that the person that you will be dealing with will report back to their superiors when it comes to making a decision on your loan. If you give them a reason to doubt your earnings, or if you come across rude and a little abrasive, they will be less likely to consider your claim – even if the bank outwardly promise to remain professional.

    These are just a few of the things that we’ve learnt over the years and if you’d like to progress your application without any of the above stresses, then why not take our services on today? We’ll take care of the hard work for you, while you sit back and enjoy the choice between the best deals on mortgages from some of the most reputable lenders in Australia.