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  • About Us

  • At Tundra Mortgages, we’ve been proudly offering our services to those in need of home loans for many years. In that time we’ve helped first time home buyers to obtain the ideal mortgage for their needs, we’ve been there when property owners have wanted to re-finance their homes in favour of a new deal – and we’ve helped investors to get the most from the property market.

    Many people consider us the leading mortgage brokering service in Australia, which is quite a mean feat to achieve – especially as we’re based in Melbourne! Our experts have been providing our services to all suburbs of Melbourne over the years and as we work independently and away from the restrictions proposed by banks; we can find the fairest, most suited loans for your needs.

    We Consider You

    We don’t just compare interest rates, negotiate fairer terms with banks and offer helpful advice and guidance to our clients – we are genuinely invested in your success.

    We pride ourselves on your results and this is one of the main reasons why we boast as high a success rate as we do. Consider us your local broker, servicing all areas of Melbourne – from the city centre, to the outlying suburban regions. We know what it takes to find a great deal and by relying on our state of the art equipment and advanced comparison processes; we can all but guarantee to find the cheapest loans, the fairest repayment terms and the best benefits for you.

    When Might You Need Us?

    Applying for a loan on a home can be stressful. There are documents to prepare, papers to fill in and a host of activities that you’ll need to undertake in order for your mortgage application to even be considered. At Tundra Mortgages, we pride ourselves on making things as simple and efficient for our clients as possible.

    We’ll get to know about you and your preferences as soon as possible, before setting out and sourcing the most beneficial deals for your budget. All that you’ll need to do is decide on the one that’s right for you – so get in touch today to learn more, or to hire one of our brokers!